Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recap and new resolutions for 2010

Last year finished too abruptly for me and it is already end of January 2010! It looks that time is not going to slow down at all… So, without further ado, back to daily chores. But firstly a quick recap of where the things are at.

2009 was a year of trials and errors. My overall goals were modest but I found so many exciting things to explore that I have gone off the main track a few times too many.

My primary goal “…to complete and deploy core functionality modules, including point-of-interest/ local search and driving directions” for is still in progress. Implementing fluid DIV elements to fit dynamic content is proving a challenge for a page which already has a complex structure. Development time on all my pet projects has totally blown out of proportions and several major functionality and content improvements are still only in partly finished state, not ready for deployment. A few blog articles I promised are still at early draft stage as I could not find enough time to finish them. My experiments with Twitter and online player for YouTube videos have gone stale although there is still a great potential there, only if I can put some effort into implementing improvements. Too many ideas, too little time…

However, on the positive side, free weather widget is proving very popular (just reached 70K loads a month and traffic is growing fast). This blog, although attracting only a modest audience of 1.5-2k visitors a month, already has Google PR 5 rank (which demonstrates clearly the power of quality links!). Cooperation with Keir Clarke from Google Maps Mania helped to rise the blog’s profile significantly and contributed some traffic to featured articles. Search engine traffic is growing steadily and many pages are in top 5 spot for several attractive keywords. Overall traffic to my mapping site has grown at a double digits pace in the last year and general pickup in online advertising spent is clearly evident on my monthly Adsense statements.

The theme for this year will be “FOCUS”! I have one great new idea that brings together many of my experiments, into a single, powerful and unique application concept (with online and desktop potential, as a freebie and software-as –a-service option). I would like to bring onboard a team of developers to help me reach 2010 milestones at acceptable pace so my concept “number 1,367” can be launched as soon as possible. Stay tuned!