Thursday, February 18, 2010

Say Hello To My Little Friend

This is the first vacuum I've ever purchased.  All the rest have been hand-me-downs.  (Thank you very much family & friends!)  We keep them until they blow.  But THIS one is awesome!!  (Only $60) and it's the perfect green.  I looked it up on Real Simple and it sounded like a good one so we got it.  (It's the Eureka Optima)

I've never loved a vacuum so.  Have you ever seen Overboard?   You know when she's sucking up the mess on the table with the vacuum?  Yep, that was me yesterday sucking rice up with the green machine until I caught myself. 

What fun a good one can be!  ;)
But what I love best about it, is that it puts this poor{colicky} little guy..

... to sleep:

Amen...  We actually burnt a part of the carpet beause it had been running for hours when we all fell asleep.  Oops not smart. 
We've since started using a baby white noise CD.  My favorite's the rain.
Happy  weekend!!