Saturday, February 13, 2010

So There's This Bench I Want...

...That's not for sale.   

When we moved into town last year, the first place I hit up (while waiting for Dave to bring the next load of our stuff over) was the local thrift store.   She's a beauty with AMAZING prices.  It was closed when I drove up but upon seeing me peering into the windows -who doesn't do that when they find a cool new shop that's closeed?? - they kindly let me in!  But after picking out a few things, they told me it was cash-only and I didn't have any on me so I couldn't shop.  But while I was there, I fell in love.  With a bench.

I saw this bench in May and probably think of it a few times a month. (Much more at first of course.) You see, the bench wasn't for sale & I couldn't have it.   It reminds me a little of this one from Oly:

...  Except the base is different, the finish is all messed up (chrome I think?)  and the brown tufted leather on top is destroyed:  covered in multi-colored splatters of paint.  But it has beautiful lines and would work in so many places in our house...  Coffee table, bench for extra LR seating, at the foot of our bed, under the window.. I could keep going. 

So of course when I saw the bench way back when, I asked how much it was.  My question visibly upset the woman I'd asked who was stocking books on the nearby bookshelves.  It wasn't for sale, she told me, they used it when they were stocking & sorting the books, and shepromptly sat down on it to continue with the books.  I pressed further.  Maybe there was someone I could talk to?  Maybe I could buy this one and find them a new bench?   I spoke with the manager and after a few minutes I got a "maybe" (that really felt like a no but he didn't want to actually say it...  he wouldn't talk prices or say yes to me buying this one and getting them a new bench.)...  I had to tread carefully...  I was in love with this thing and apparently they were too.  

So I haven't gone back.  Not because I was upset, but because I've been afraid to make a wrong move & lose my precious bench forver with a simple but firm "no."  I've been keeping my eyes peeled for "offering" benches to bring to them, but I worry they won't be good enough...  if there's no cushion, will they say 'no?'  I've been dying to go back but I've waited patiently until I have a good enough offering and the cash to fork over. 

Well, now the bench is back on my mind.  Because I can't use the lucite coffee table in my living room for the Better Homes & Gardens shoot, and the gorgeous round marble one isn't perfect in the space (round-  too much roundness in there already.) I was thinking if I got the bench and had it reupholstered in new leather or good vinyl  (probably white) that it would be perfect!!  And then it can move around my house wherever it wants to go, like in here:

So here's the deal:  Dave's there now with Christian (sympathy card) and some cash.  It's been 8 months.  He's been gone since I started writing this post, which is a good long time since it takes me a while to blabber on like this.  We thought it might be better for him to give it a shot, since I want it so obviously, who knows how much I'd pay for that thing?? 

I'll keep you posted.

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