Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Before & After Guest Blog: Lindsay from Everything LEB

Hello Pure Style Readers!

Thank you all for welcoming me on Lauren’s blog today, I’m so excited to be here. I’m not exactly sure how I first found Lauren’s blog, but you can bet I am so glad I did! We started our blogs around the same time and she quickly became a great blog friend that I’ve emailed more times then I can count to ask her things like, what do you think of this color? How about this fabric? Etc etc. I value her opinion because, as you can see from this blog and her STUNNING home, she has the most amazing taste and style. Ok, back to the point of my guest pretty before & after project!

Today I’m sharing with you a little piece from my bedroommakeover that I am in the middle of. It was time for my side table to get a makeover to go along with the new look of the bedroom.
bedroom makeover board in progress
Here is what I have in the room so far: A navy headboard, two Schumacher Hot House pillows, Ikeasheers (that need to be layered with curtains, but those are coming later) and the chair that I recently recovered> in a pretty Ralph Lauren blue and white striped fabric.EddieRoss and this little tool While buying another side table would be nice, I am working on a budget. Because of said budget, giving a face lift to the table I already have was the way to go. I tossed around painting a chevron pattern on top, painting it a different color, or sanding it down and staining it.  But what finally won me over was a little inspiration from

 Here is what I'm working with
 This was the disaster that just happened to appear right after I decided it was time for a makeover project.
After I got my act together and everything cleaned up I took the table down
to the building trash room (there is no where else to work, so whats a girl suppose to do? trash room it was) and went to town with my cute little mousesander.
All clean!
The next few steps I forgot to take pictures of, but that's ok they are boring anyways.  After the sand job and a dust wipe down the pretty little table got two coats of primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17).

Next step was to take the Latex Glaze (see above in the picture) and make my mix for creating the wood grain look. 
1 part glaze and 1 part paint 
and a few drops of black paint to make gray- and that's it

After getting the hang of using the wood grain tool, this is the final result

  The daffodils were too pretty to pass up at Trader Joe's. They make my whole bedroom smell like Spring!

Don't mind the bed- the focus is on the table. The bed still needs work :)


On the bottom shelf I have a stack of magazines I read before bed and the new book Restoring a House in the City, which is amazing BTW.


Up close there are a few things I would change the pattern, but I didn't catch them till after it had dried.  Next time I'll get it perfect.

So that's it- I hope you all enjoyed my bedroom table makeover.  The
rest of the room is a work in progress and I'll be posting more of it as I finish projects.

Thank you again Lauren for asking me to do this, it was so much fun!!  It was also the perfect motivator to get this project done and crossed off my on to the next one :)


I'm always amazed by how fearlessly Lindsay tackles her projects.  (She does upholstery too!)  The wood grain is so cool & I absolutely love how the room is coming together!! (That fabric? mm- mmm- mm!)  Thank you so much Lindsay for sharing this with us!!