Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guest Blog Before & After: Janell from Isabella & Max Rooms

Please welcome super-stylish designer Janell Beals from Isabella & Max Rooms!

I feel very honored to be writing this guest post for Lauren and her delightfully beautiful blog today. Whenever I see a new post by Lauren I happily open it, anticipating that I will be inspired.

Today I'm going to recap three of my recent projects, all using chalkboard paint. It seems I have been bitten by the chalkboard craze! It's hard not to be. This paint offers up so many possibilities and it is just such a fun project that keeps on giving after you've stored away the paint and cleaned the brushes.

Project #1: Chalkboard/Art Wall. Here an entire wall became a chalkboard and the backdrop for an art wall in my husband's home office. I had considered several ideas on how to treat the wall behind the photos and images, finally deciding upon chalkboard paint when I realized whatever I did needed to be cheap...

Project #2: Chalkboard Lamps. Yes, I know, this doesn't initially sound like a good idea. But look at the result! I had a pair of lamps that needed a little pick me up as I started working on Max's bedroom. It was a quick project with a fun outcome. And what is best? Max loves them.

Project #3: Chalkboard Stripe. Here a wide chalkboard stripe was painted around the perimeter of Max's bedroom. (I swear, I've run out of the paint and I'm not going back to the store for more anytime soon!) Before starting the redesign of Max's room I had a "client interview" with him. It was amazing how much inspiration and direction I got from his answers. Among his requests for the room was the color black, to bring in a chalkboard and to get rid of the plain walls. It quickly dawned on me that I could easily address all three of these requirements with one item...chalkboard paint. Everyone in the family has gotten in on the writing and drawing, suddenly Max's room is the most popular spot in the house!

So tell me, where would you use some chalkboard paint in your house?

Thank you Lauren for inviting me to write this guest post.


Thanks so much for sharing these awesome projects with us Janell!!  I love how you did a client interview with Max & have really worked to create a room he loves.  You've used chalkboard paint in such creative ways and I love it!!!   (the frames on the walls/  the lamps/!! so awesome) 

Happy St.Pattie's Day!!!