Friday, March 12, 2010

Jessica Thomas

For the Better Homes & Gardens shoot at our house I got to work with super-talented  Jessica Thomas.  I can't reiterate enough how awesome she is.   When there's a photo shoot for a magazine at your house, they often bring in more items to accessorize with and to get the mood they're looking for in the photos.  Jessica & I spoke about the syling and she was so conscientious of making sure the things they brought in fit with my style.  When talking about adding more ornaments to the tree, I gave her a few words like, "natural" "vintage" "fun" "sparkly" and she just ran with it. 

When a box of ornaments arrived I (please keep in mind I'm totally sentimental when my hormones are out of whack like right now with a new baby - ha!)..  I got teary because they were just so perfect.  The things that arrived were adorable and the perfect mix of natural-vintage-sparkle.  I just LOVED everything & of course ended up buying it because I want it on my tree every year.  I called Jessica immediately on the phone (she was at the gift show at the time) to tell her how happy I was and how good she was and I know she was totally thinking, "What is wrong with this girl??!  Wayyyyy too excited." hahaha    But this is the first time I've ever gotten to work with someone the way people work with a designer.  I had so much fun!!  I wanted to share some photos of Jessica's work with you and I'm sure you'll recognize a few of these. 

How perfect are these?  (below)  Jessica is so good at taking your accessories and turning them into works of art. 

I love the causual feel of these (below):

I LOVE this room below.  The walls & color scheme with lots of natural elements of course are amazing, but especially the yellow sofa with the throw & the pillows.  Aren't they perfect?  (or perfectly "imperfect"?)  So much time goes into every shot.  It's insane.

And here's the other view of the same room.  LOVE!!  I wonder how much tweaking went into those shelves?!  Beautiful.

I've had this image (below) torn out of a magazine (Country Home) saved for years.  You might remember it from my post on "Fall..." I think it's one of the most evocative pictures ever and I can almost smell the apple cider and the leaves.  (Told you I was hormonally sentimental as of late! ;)

I love the quietness in this photo:

And who can resist this cutie (below)?  Jessica loves dogs.  Our poor Ashby (who is crazy when we have visitors and will steal food like it's her job) was locked up (don't worry in a comfy bedroom) for a lot of the shoot during the days to keep her out of everyone's hair.  Jessica felt so terrible for her. 

I love the energy in the space below.  The yellow umbrella is the perfect touch in the umbrella stand:

And finally, this image below is in the current BHG issue.  How gorgeous is the collection of blue bottles on the table?!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE:

I really can't thank Jessica enough for all she did for
the shoot.  She was assisted by Joanna Linberg (Assistant BHG editor) and they did a fantastic job & were so great to be around.  Christian still talks about them & we wish they lived closer!  It really was a dream-come-true for me and just wouldn't have been the same without them. 

Check out Jessica's website- Jessica Thomas Designs - for more yummy images.  She's a freelancer so you'll notice images from a variety of magazines in different styles.  Also, her house is about to be featured in the next issue of Do It Yourself Magazine so be sure to check it out.  I can't wait!!  Have an awesome weekend!!


ps-  I know that some of you are having issues with your Pure Style Home emails.  (unreadable / writing over photos, etc.)  I'm so sorry about this and have no idea why it's doing this but am trying to figure it out.  (I'm very UN-computer-savvy so I'm not having an easy time of it.)  I'm in the process of revamping Pure Style Home so I'm hoping that when the new website/ blog is completed, it will fix this issue because it has something to do with my blogger layout.  Anyway, if you can just come directly here ( when you get the emails for a little while longer, I appreciate it!! Sorry!!