Monday, March 29, 2010

Perfect weekend escape in Kioloa

I have read recently in the Australian Financial Review that bookings for Easter weekend holidays are very strong this year, with many accommodation offers for $900 or even $1,600 per night sold out almost entirely. I have just spent a perfect weekend on the absolute beachfront, hardly anyone in sight, comfortable 27-29 degrees, calm seas, very warm sapphire crystal clear water that can be enjoyed for hours. There was a moonlight walk along the beech and fresh seafood with a drop of good Australian wine under the Southern Cross. Coincidentally, it was Earth Hour that weekend but moonlight was so bright that there was no need for any electricity for the entire evening. Spectacular sunrise the next morning marked the start of another perfect day. Total cost?... $20 in accommodation, $0.20 hot shower, half a tank of petrol and some supplies for a couple of days. Location: Kioloa Beach Holiday Park. The moments were priceless.

Australia is so beautiful. With thousands of kilometers of coastline there are so many picturesque spots for quiet and relaxing timeout. And there is really no need for extravagance to enjoy all that beauty. After all, it’s the same weather, water, views, sky no matter whether you stay in a tent or luxurious accommodation. Yet, many of us just do not appreciate what we have here in Australia and we do not take advantage of it often enough!