Sunday, April 11, 2010

Photographer Helen Norman

{Norman Farmhouse}

Photographer Helen Norman shot our home with her assitant, FJ Hughes, for the Better Homes & Gardens Magazine shoot back in February.  We had such a great time and I can't wait to work with them again!  Helen is not only crazy-talented but she's hysterical and so much fun to be around.  She's one of those people whom you feel instantly at ease around.  (clearly my toddler, Christian, agrees- below)  FJ is super-cool and very relaxed, and he & his wife also just had a new baby.

{me, Jessica Thomas, Joanna Linberg, Helen Norman- holding Christian- , FJ Hughes}

When Helen first arrived at our house, she checked it out and immediately told me how crazy it was because  our kitchens were so alike.  She has the same gray-green cabinets with wite open shelving instead of upper cabinets and a sort of clean-lined  modern farmhouse feeling in her kitchen.  She informed me that our styles were really similar and she even has many of the same types of flea-market./ thrift-store finds that I have.  Joanna told me what an amazing house Helen had so I bugged Helen for pictures- in particular of the kitchen.  Well, I got them and now I almost wish I hadn't seen them!!!  ;)  Her kitchen is basically my kitchen all grown up.  (i.e WAYYY BETTER!!)  It's everything I wanted for my own kitchen:  custom inset cabinets, soapstone sink, marble countertops... I could keep going but never in all my life have I seen a space that I just want to blatantly copy like this one. 

{I just want to be there}

Perfection!!!  Here's my dream sink:

I just get such a feeling when looking at Helen's photographs.  There's so much life and they feel personal and real.  Her kitchen feels so relaxed and functional and perfectly simple. 
Look at here amazing collection of cloches!! (below) Soooo amazing!!  And these cabinets?!! mm mm mm

How gorgeous are the shelves??  I seriously just want to copy everything in this kitchen.

Even her piled up dishes in the sink are beautiful!!

I love how the shelves frame the window:

Anyway, if you want to drool some more head over to her website here.  (Her portfolio is perfection!!)

Hope you had a great weekend!!

*photography by Helen Norman  ;)