Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!!

{image from here}

It's the announcement we make every year sometime around now...  Everyone's personal "Spring" begins  at a certain point in the season and mine seems to be somewhere just after the Bradford Pear trees have started going from all white & flowery...

{image from here} a little  green ...
{ image from here}

...and to just before the leaves really pop on the trees:

{image from here}

The violets have bloomed:

{image from here}

The daffoldils are out:

{image from here}

...And the dandelions are sneaking in:

...The best bouquet of flowers I've gotten this year was the dandelion one my 2 year old picked for me...

{image via  here}

...Spring has Sprung, so...

Inhale deeply and exhale long.  Raise your arms all the way out and tilt your face up at the sky.  It feels good.  I promise. 

Here's to loving your weekend!!


ps- and forget about the people staring at you ;) ;)