Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vintage Revival Montlhery 2011

Super Kim
(Watercolour Sketch)

Super Kim.
A Special made by a South American comprised of a Zenith frame and a heavily modified Brough Superior Engine. Winner of the most original bike at Vintage Revival Montlhery

8 valve Koehler-Escoffier
(Watercolour Sketch)

Track Fun

1933 MX Family "Bluebell" round the banking

Motorbikes on the banking at Montlhery

Pacer / Stayer Tuning

One of a pair of pacer bikes
complete with custom broom stand

Detail showing wide belt drive with rear wooden wheel

8 valve Indian Boardtrack racer engine

8 valveIndian Boardtrack Racer

Zenith KTR

Single cylinder J.A.P. Engine lightweight

Radial Engine Racer (aero engine)

Radial Engine Racer

Morgan 2 speed pickup
Tired and fully satisfied with an amazing weekend we head home.