Wednesday, May 25, 2011

VSCC SeeRed at Donnington Park 2011 Report

VSCC SeeRed at Donington was certainly a feast for the eyes in terms of the variety of cars. I also got some painting done too.

GN Spider at Shelsley Walsh c1920s
Oil on Board

Here's the demonstration piece so far. There is a real dynamic to this piece that really works. Mostly work to do on the crowd as I want to keep this piece loosely rendered.


After almost being blown away twice on Saturday morning I was kindly allowed to
se up in the Paddock Suite; where I managed to run a painting demonstration rather than hanging on to the gazebo.
Lea Francis S Hyper
In original condition as raced by the factory.

Ford Special?

Brooklands Napier Railton

Cooper Mark I

Cooper 500cc Jap Engine



A very Smart Fraser Nash with a fantastic looking rear end!