Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bentley Drivers Club Concours D'Elegance

Bentley at the 1929 Irish Grand Prix
(oil on board)
A piece made for the 75th anniversary Concours D'Elegance.

The Bentley Drivers Club had their 75th anniversary Concours D'Elegance on 25th June. I was there enjoying the line up as well as running painting and sketching demonstrations.

1929 HJ Mulliner 4.5 Litre
Winner of the Patina Class

I really liked the owners run it as it is approach.

The First Production 8 litre Bentley
Last restored 1987
First Owner Jack Buchanan He was known for three decades as the embodiment of the debonair man-about-town

1923 Vandeplas 4.5 Litre