Friday, June 17, 2011

Home & Design Magazine: Designers to Watch

Home & Design Magazine recently came out with an article on four "Designers to Watch" in the DC area.  Thanks so much to Home & Design Magazine for including me in this group!!    Here's a cell phone picture I took of the article:

{Clockwide from left:  Marika Meyer, H.Alex Sanchez, me, and Jason Hodges}

We had a GREAT time at the photo shoot for this article last month.  Sharon Dan of Home & Design had champagne & lunch for us and it was honestly hysterical.  I loved meeting these new friends!  Jason & I worked together at the DC Design House and got along really well and Marika & Alex were so much fun too!  (We've since hung out and it's been really great getting to know them!!)   I wish I had some of the outtake photos where we're all just cracking up, but for now, the serious one will have to do.   

If you're in the area, check out the July/ August issue to read the full article, which features work from all of us.  Here's another cell phone shot of my page:

The photos on this page were by Helen Norman.

I thought I'd share the clear photos & some other photos of the project with you that Helen took.  (I've shared photos of this project before but Helen's photos are so much better.)

This belongs to the Hart family and I loooooved working with them on home.  The family uses their formal living room as more of a hangout where they can do homework, pay bills, play music and relax:

The botanicals in the background are images of leaves that the kids & I found outside in their yard.  I had them blown up onto canvas.

I also took photos of the Harts playing outside in the Fall & framed them for a large gallery wall: 

Here's a shot of the whole room:

I lvoe this close-up Helen took of the wheat grass on the coffee table:

The dining room is relaxed and natural:

I borrowed my grandmother's samovar for the shoot:

Anyway, I'm off to work again but have a great weekend!!

Thanks again to Home & Design Magazine!!

xoxo, Lauren

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