Thursday, June 16, 2011

Washington Post House Calls

Thanks so much to the team at Washington Post House Calls for inviting me to do a bedroom design for their column this week!  I thought I'd share  it with you. 

Here's a photo of the bedroom I was given.  It belongs to Emily & David:

Budget: $4000 and all of the sources needed to be retail

Client needs: keep existing cream carpet, fairly traditional style , like reds, yellows, greens, not really blues, want to wake up the room, fresh it up, warm it up...

To start, I suggested that Emily & David paint their fireplace & ceiling beam in a creamy white and paint the walls & ceiling in a warm wheaty cream to lighten & warm up the room. 

The thing that's toughest about bedrooms with low slanted ceilings is that the ceiling is too close to where you lay your head, so I went with a bookshalf bed that would extend the place where you lay your head a foot further into the room.  I based the color scheme around a blockprinted quilt that I'd seen (and loved!!) at Pottery Barn, that is full of yellow-greens, yellows & reds with a dark green background.  I spec'd yellow curtains from Ikea and recommended Restoration Hardware's yellow belgian linen as  "splurge" option.   For nightstands, I decided to keep an existing dresser for side and do a skirted burlap table on the other side.

So, here's a quick rundown of the plan:

"Splurge" Bed:
{PB Teen...  they actually have some good-looking beds if you're on a tight budget for an adult room}

Blockprinted Bedding:

{top one, from Pottery Barn}

Burlap Bedskirt:

{Ballard Designs}

Chaise in cream linen next to the fireplace:

{Ballard Designs}

Tripod Lamp next to chaise:
{Ballard Designs by Suzanne Kasler}

Ikat Pillow on Chase:

Wooden Sunburst above fireplace:


Gourd Lamps on Nightstands:


Set of 6 freamed reproduction botanicals similar to this:  (Vintage would be my first choice) to the left of the fireplace:

Pair of garden stools below the prints that can be moved around the room as needed (ie drink table for chaise, etc.):

I wasn't able to copy & paste the rendering from the Post, but you can view the link to the article here.  ( I think coloring might be a little off because it's on newsprint so it looks a bit darker/ less warm/ less colorful,  but from the photos above you should get the idea.)  I hope Emily & David are happy with it!

Have a great day!! :)
xoxo, Lauren

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