Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board Part 2

Eyes On The Prize
(Indian Ink on A3 Bristol Board)

Its been a while since I've done any line work in ink so I thought I'd try out a new composition I've been playing with based on board track racing. The idea was to get a dynamic view on a steep board track, with elements of story telling using the interaction between the riders.

Some American tracks had almost wall of death type inclines on circular tracks.

St Louis Board Track
Sept. 6, 1914, by St. Louis photographer A. F. Eike
Newark Board Track

The early part of my week was spent playing about with the mono print process and combining the prints with loose ink sketches. I like the way that the mono print technique abstracts the image producing textures that wouldn't normally be made with brushes or pens.

Board track Racer 1
(A5 Monoprint on Ink Sketch)

Board track Racer 2
(A5 Monoprint on Ink Sketch)
Board track Racer 3
(A5 Monoprint on Ink Sketch)