Monday, February 13, 2012

The Ford Show & Great Western Autojumble 2012, Report

This Sunday I was off to Shepton Mallet again, not for another tractor show but for the
Ford Show and Great Western Autojumble.
The show was spread out over more halls this year allowing for a wider range of cars along with a bigger Autojumble. I spent most of my time in the main hall as it had the majority of the owners clubs and the most interesting cars.

1960 Thunderbird
(digitally painted ink sketch)

As you can see I really liked the back end of this Thunderbird, as with a lot of these American cars the design of the back is almost like a spaceship.

Plenty of leg room...Hang on is that a tractor in the background?

Darren Clarkes F2 Heritage Stock Car.
(digitally painted ink sketch)

This was at the Ford Show last year and I was hoping it would be back so I could sketch it.

There is a Heritage Stock Car scene in this country, see the BRISCA Website for more details.

Ford V8 "30" Touring Saloon
(digitally painted ink sketch)

Consul Capri
(digitally painted ink sketch)

As featured in the Joe Meek Bio Pic "Telstar". These cars have a definite American styling but seem to retain a British modesty.

Consul Classic

The Classic was designed in Dagenham from 1956 onward under Cheif Stylist Colin Neale.
It was produced from 1960 onwards.

Ford Anglia

1963 Cortina Mark 1

100e Popular

Gulf Mirage, GT40
This is a reconstructed vehicle, there is one of the three produced that still exists.
Deleloped by J.W. Automotive to contest the 1967 Le Mans.

A neat looking Transit, I wouldn't want to do a bank job with it though.

1955 Ford E83W Truck
Named "Rosie" & owned by Dave Locke.