Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some evidence of the decline of civilization

Many years ago, I watched the Today Show on a regular basis.  I hadn't watched it at all for years, however, until a day a few months ago when I was so sick that all I wanted to do was watch TV.  I turned on the Today Show, and it was absolutely awful.

This morning, I read this:
NBC News chief Steve Capus candidly told THR that he thought Curry had not been right for the job in many respects. He said he agreed with interviewer Marisa Guthrie that Curry had faltered in the cooking segments, movie star interviews and fluffy features that make up a large portion of "Today." 
"I think her real passion is built around reporting on international stories," he said. "It’s tough to convey a sincere interest in something if you don’t possess it ... and you could tell with her, you can tell with any anchor, whether they’re into it or not. And I think we’ve now come up with a role that will play to her strengths.”

What I essentially learned, then, is that Ann Curry got fired for being too serious and too smart. I guess the good news is that NPR gets good ratings. (OTOH, the top two on the list are further evidence of civilization's decline).