Monday, August 6, 2012

Pre War Prescott 2012

The second year for this event and it's certainly getting bigger and is looking to be one of the main annual events on the Prescott. I enjoyed this event last year and this year certainly lived up to expectations. Great weather coupled with an informal atmosphere as cars took runs up the hill and picnics and bacon butties galore were enjoyed. Top this off with a flyby of a Spitfire and you've got a fantastic day out at Prescott.
For more information on the event please look at the Pre War Prescott Website:

Ford Model T Special

(digitally painted ink sketch)
Affectionately known as "Roary" this special is a tribute to the 1924 Indianapolis race car built by the Barber Warnock racing team and raced by Alfred Moss. Moss was a dentistry student in America at the time and finished 16th with an average speed of 84mph! He was 34 laps behind the race winner. 
For more information on this car please go to the following web page.

There are also quite a few nice Model T's for sale too.

Rolls Royce Twenty

(ink sketch)

1938 Morris 25 Series III
This car crossed Europe and Asia in 2011 via the Caspian sea to China. Later in the year it crossed North America, from Los Angeles to New York. The two journeys clocked up 18500 miles in all. THe journey has been documented on the following website:

Peter Plant's Meadows 'Minor' Special. It has a Meadows engine installed in a pre-war Morris Minor chassis. (Thanks to Minor Blue for this information)

A rough and ready Alvis

1926 MG 14/28 Super Sports

Lea Francis, Hyper S


A very elegant Bristol

MG Line Up