Thursday, August 2, 2012

Somerset Steam Spectacular 2012

On Saturday 14th July the family packed the camping equipment into the back of Frank and we headed south into deepest Somerset. The 3 hour drive through country lanes put the 47 Dodge pick up through its paces. We made it to a very muddy High Ham to find that the event had been closed to the public and the organisers were hoping for the best on the Sunday. After assessing the field we decided to brave it and camp out and see what the Sunday had in stall. 
After Fish and Chips and a good sleep we awoke to favourable conditions and the show was on.
There was plenty to see with a great array of steam engines, tractors various vehicles, owls, axe men, ferrets and tractor pulling. All you'd expect from a great steam fair and more. 

For more information on the Somerset Traction Engine Club and their events please visit their website:

1913 Burrell Showman's Engine 'King George VI'

(ink sketch)

Part of the Steam line up.

The Hornsby Akryod Oil Engine

Unipower Gardner 
This was definitely a practical vehicle for the show with a sizeable winch on the back it was pulling vehicle up hills with no problem.

 1916 Model T Ford Van

1948 Riley RM (1 1/2 litre) 

1960 Wolseley 1500

Bought by the current owner in ver original condition. Hard to believe this interior is the result of a car being kept in the garden under a tarpaulin.

BMC fun for all the family.

There aren't many shows where you'll see hotrods and Land Rovers in the same lineup 

 Nuffield Universal Four

 Field Marshall
These tractors sound incredible due to their single-cylinder two-stroke diesel engine with a 6-litre capacity, coupled to a very large flywheel.

 David Brown
BMB President
A very nice 4 cylinder tractor indeed.

 For tractors of a ridiculous caliber you have to witness the sport of tractor pulling. Its all about stupidly overpowered tractors pulling as much weight as possible over the furthest distance, a great spectators sport.