Wednesday, August 1, 2012

VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes, Mallory Park 2012

Even though the weather meant the ground was a bit soggy underfoot the VMCC still put on a great weekend of track action at Mallory Park with the Festival of 1000 Bikes. World famous riders and average Joe's took to the track for two days of motorcycle revelry.

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"Son of a Gun" 1951 500cc BSA Goldstar

(digitally painted ink sketch)

 Larry Houghton is the man behind Lamb Engineering and this is the result of 1400 hours of work. Based around an old racing 1951 500cc BSA Gold Star ZB bottom end and Gold Star DB34 top end. It also features a BSA M21 4-speed kick start gearbox with open single-row primary chain drive.
The rear suspension is simply executed via a chain connected to the springs, but is initially a bit baffling as to what is going on. The front suspension is even upside down!
The 26 degree neck rake frame on ‘Son of a Gun’ was handcrafted achieving a sleak and skinny look. All the attention to detail and the amazing craftsmanship on this bike is a sight to behold, there is no doubt that this more than deserved the second place in the freestyle class at the 2011 AMD World Championships.

1912 Rudge Multi

(digitally painted ink sketch)

Built on the 4th July 1912, this is one of the earliest known examples of the Rudge Multi. The Multi was an important turning point for Rudge as other manufacturers were offering only one gear and maybe a clutch, so having a range of gears on such an early machine made this a very important model.

 BSA Spitfire

 (digitally painted ink sketch)

NorBSA Cafe Racer

(digitally painted ink sketch)


Yamaha 350z 

(ink sketch)

Spirit of Endevor
 Well Larry also bought along this fantastic bobber with a 1320 cc 50deg V twin all alloy 85BHP. Nothing too special? Well when you consider that the engine was built from scratch, this is another incredible build from Lamb Engineering.
To see more of Lamb Engineerings incredible bike builds please visit their website: 

 I'm not sure whether this was just a mock up or some nutters idea of how to go faster but I'd love to see it running.

 Dot ViVi
 Seeley Norton
Twin Triumph Outfits, I particularly like the tanks on these.

 Vincent Firefly Power Cycle
1955 Itom Tourist Cyclemotor
48cc cycle motor manufactured in Turin, commanding a relatively high price of £33. 5s, this had a top speed of 35mph which was much better than a lot of its contemporaries who where struggling to reach 20mph.