Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Co-Built Workshop Visit

Last Thursday I packed up my sketchbook and pen and headed to sunny Oxford to visit Geoff at Co - Built. If you don't know who Co-Built are then head over to their website to find out more about the duo of Anthony and Geoff who build fantastic Flat Track bikes and components. 

CO-Built Flat Tracker
(Ink and Watercolour)

On my arrival Geoff welcomed me into his workshop where he was busy fabricating a Moto GP exhaust, fascinating and complicated stuff compared to a lot of older bikes that I'm used to. Unfortunately I can't post any photos of the fabrication itself as I don't want to get Geoff into trouble now do I.

Once we'd had a little natter and a poke round the workshop Geoff's Co-Built flat tracker was wheeled into the garden so I could get some photos and a sketch whilst Geoff carried on fabricating.

Co Built Frame & Swinging Arm
Engine taken from an Aprillia Tuarag 560
Bored to 600 with a Wiesco Piston and an 860 cam & bigger valves

Exhaust made from iconel with titanium silencer
19" Wheels with Maxxis Flat Track Tires
Yolks with adjustable off set

Thanks again to Anthony and Geoff for letting me visit. I had a great day sketching and eating cheese and chuckney on toast.