Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Google’s evil ways continue

It appears Google has found another way to extort more money from Adsense affiliates. In late 2012 the company suddenly started to disallow lots of clicks as “illegal” and in the process it cut the advertising revenue flowing to affiliates. My revenue was reduced by a significant margin, up to half of my monthly estimates for some months. This has never happen before but I suspect it is now a “permanent feature of Adsense”. Sure, there was a tiny discrepancy between monthly estimates and actual payments in the past but these were very small amounts of a few cents to a few dollars but never such a large percentage of earnings, and definitely not every month…

Adsense earnings is another example where you “have to trust” Google and take Google’s word that they are correct in the assessment of what to pay. Because they “do no evil”... Google is putting the relationship with Adsense affiliates on a line again. 

And good luck to those who try to contact “faceless” Google to make an enquiry about missing payments. You have to be very desperate and put a lot of efforts to find a contact form. And then, it takes many weeks before you will hear from an Adsense employee that “your inquiry has been passed on to a senior consultant”… I am still waiting for any reply.

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