Thursday, February 28, 2013

Presenting property prices on maps

I came across an interesting post on Google Maps Mania blog pointing to a French real estate website with quite a novel approach to presenting property prices. While in Australia commentators focus only on median prices for capital cities, the French show the information at individual land parcel level (or close to it). Not to mention that they use “price per sqm” statistics - a much more useful measure for comparison and estimation of property values. The property prices map is a great example of presenting a huge volume of data in a very accessible and easy to digest format.  

The closest we came in Australia to such a map was a simple mapping app published by Fairfax on but unfortunately the map is no longer available. Creating a map similar to what accomplished would  be possible in Australia if you have access to price estimates as well as a full profile of each property – something only RP Data can afford in this country. In the past, I mapped property sales statistics for postcodes in Melbourne and Sydney but the information is not available on regular basis. So, in Australia, serious property hunters doing market research are limited to reading listings on real estate portals or buying property sales reports for individual suburbs.

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