Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show 2013

Well the first sketching outing of the year was last weekend at the Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show. There is always a great range of machinery at this show, and I definitely had fun sketching. As well as having a great range of tractors on display the show also raises a lot of money for various good causes. To find out more about the show please visit their website:


The eagle eyed of you may notice that I'm now blurring out sections of my scans. This is done to stop people being able to save a clear image of my work. I hope this doesn't spoil your enjoyment of my work.

1919 International Harvester Titan

(ink & watercolour)

Owned and restored over 4 years by Mark Harris.

1972 Oliver 1250

 (ink & watercolour)

V8 Diesel Caterpillar producing 167hp. All original farm condition giving it tons of character.
Owned by Jason Smith and family

Love the chunky grill on this.

Here's some of my highlights of the show:

 1955 Lanz Bulldog
This has a Hot Bulb engine which is heated up by a flame under the front end. Hence the propane gas tank. It makes a great thumping sound as the single cylinder fires up, and the tractor shakes into life.
 1939 Le percheron
(essentially a Lanz Bullldog licensed under a different name)

 1940ish British Anzani Iron Horse

"Major Madness"
A Tractor Puller powered by 380ci Ford Cargo engine, turbo charged with over size injectors!

 1973 MSW 550

 1917 International Mogul 10/20

 1965 Eicher Puma 201

 1941 John Deere AR

1956 Massey Harris 555

1962 Lanz 4090

Spotted this on the way out.