Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Telford Twinshock Classic and Road Racing Show

After a somewhat dissapointing car show at Shepton Mallet I decided to go to Telford on Sunday 10th Feburary to the Telford Twinshock Classic and Road Racing Show. This was a great show three halls packed with a huge range of bikes and stalls. 

For more information on the show please visit the website:

Moonbeam Special

(ink sketch)

One of two bike built by the late Bud Etkins (four times ISDT Gold Medalist) for Universal Studios in 1977. The Film is Fast Charlie the Moonbam Rider. Never heard or seen the film myself but I have read that Bud was a great stunt rider as well as a bike builder.

1975 Jawa
Part of the winning British ISDT team.

(ink and Watercolour)

I've always liked the utilitarian nature of the Jawa bikes and this example is no exception. Everything is quick release and it even has a back up ignition system. 

 The tool pouch on the tank was great, complete with spare chain link.

CZ 250 Twinport

(ink and Watercolour)

This CZ 250 is owned and ridden by Stewart Riddell. The CZ 250 was the motocross bike of choice in the mid 60s due to its reliability and lightweight nature. Stewart (pictured below) rebuilt the 250 and has won the Pre 65 Class in Scotland in both 2011 and 2012. Both CZ machines were fantastic working examples of these classic motocross bikes.

BSA Bantam Rigid Trials 

I didn't have enough time to sketch this one but I was very happy to have a chat with the owner TT Racer Paul Moz Owen. This fantastic Ridgid had a lot of neat little modifications to get it right for trails.  The back end has been lowered and combining this with a 21" front wheel the whole bike sits above the wheel spindles. The standard worm clutch has been changed to a lever to stop it getting clogged up with muck. This build definitely gave me food for though for my own Bantam trials build.

Here's some more snaps from this great show. I will definitely be going back next year and I urge you to do the same as it's well worth it.

 Rotax JAP Speedway
 Yammaha Motocross
 BSA C15 Trials
 Big and Little Yammahas
 Moto Fox
Fighting Cock (need I say more) 
 Not sure where this fitted into the Off Road or Road Race theme but I liked it none the less.