Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oily Rags and Greasy Fingers Show, at the Bristol Bike Show

Saturday was supposed to be a rest day for myself, but as soon as I heard that
Oily Rags and Greasy Fingers were putting on a show as part of the Bristol Bike Festival I couldn't resist packing up the sketchbook and pen to see why I could sketch......

Triumph Bobber

(ink sketch)
Rob from Oily Rags Triumph was centre stage in the show and deservedly so, there are some great elements on this bike especially the curvaceous almost horse saddle inspired seat.

Yamaha Chopper

(ink sketch)
Owned by Ben from Sideburn Magazine, I was hoping to sketch this bike at Dirt Quake II, and so I was glad I could sit with it in more static conditions.

It wasn't only bikes on display at the show art adorned the walls....

Adi Gilbert

 Great to see some original line work on the walls
The Bubble Visor Girls as commissioned by Chester Belter

I first saw Adi's work in Sideburn Magazine in the form of the Dirt Quake poster and I have been an avid fan since. The main thing I enjoy about Adi's work is the fact that he inks by hand using brush and ink, with a fluid and natural style. Adi has produced illustration work for both Motorcycle magazines and BMX companies as well as various other clients. 
To see more of his work go to his webste 99 Seconds . Also check out his own clothing brand Folklore which looks to have some fantastic goodies in the pipeline.

Ben Cheshire

not only does Ben create great screen prints like this for himself he also runs his own print studio Mesh which has produced some great print editions for various clients most
notably D Face.
 ... and here's Ben's BSA

Meanwhile outside bikes swamped the streets....