Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kop Hill Climb 2013

After attending for the first time last year The Kop Hill Climb was an event not to miss. What I love about this event is that you get such a huge variety of machines and a lot of early stuff, which I always enjoy sketching. Now in it's 5th year after it's revival this hill climb event is going from strength to strength as people now have this an annual event on their calendar and more and more people are entering every year with over 400 machines the event was over subscribed, proving how popular this event has become. 

1922 Brough W

(ink sketch)

This was my machine of the show. This 1922 Brough W has only just been completed and it was a real honour to sit and sketch it. The build is based around an original 1922 works Brough Model W. S. engine. W. E. Brough (the father of the infamous George Brough) was rather partial to flat twins and this bike has been recreated based on photographs of W. E. Brough racers. The engine and headstock are the only original parts making this an exceptional build.

1930 Lagonda 2 litre Low Chassis

(ink sketch)

With carbs like this I couldn't resist. An absolutely gorgeous machine running on methanol.

Citroen B2 Wickerwork Special

 (ink sketch)
I set myself a real challenge with all the wicker on this marvellous recreation. It certainly got a lot of attention, and it definitely reinforced my love of the Citroen mark.

1929 Triumph Super 7 Special

 (ink sketch)
There aren't many Super 7's about and there is only one that looks like this as it came from the owner and creator David Wood's imagination.

1933 Riley Lynx

 (ink sketch)
This car is in lovely original condition, and has been in the same family since it was 6 months old!

1930 Rex Acme 500TT

 (ink sketch)
I always like Rex Acme's and this one has a proper TT engine with parallel push rods.

1943 Harley Davidson WLC

 (ink sketch)
Ridden all the way from Holland, this Harley outfit had some battery problems but it didn't stop Arien having a blast on the hill.

1934 MG J2 Swept Wing

 (ink sketch)

More photos.....

Stylish AJS Model T transporter

 1924 Trojan Utility Mascot

 Classic Lightweight with cape guard/bent wood bit.

 1936 Velocette MOV
1934 Velocette MOV

Norton JAP

 1904 Aurora

1951 Sunbeam S7
 Love these Sunbeam twins

 1926 Neracar


 1933 BSA 3 Wheeler

The well travelled "Crusty" 1931 Austin 7