Monday, October 14, 2013

Scammell Pioneer Sketch Session with Stefan Majoram

After a Facebook post by Stefan Marjoram asking about a truck he had found at a local sports ground, Stefan and I couldn't resist making an impromptu trip to get some sketching done.

(ink sketch)

Stefan's sketches can be found on his wonderful Sketch Blog. Stefan was kind enough to send me one of the sketches as a gift, what a wonderful bloke.

(Stefan's ink sketch)

We didn't meet the owner of this wonderful vehicle but we guess it is an army truck. 
768 Scammells were built from 1937 onwards. 
They were used in the war to tow artillery such as the 7.2 inch howitzer

 Love this 6 cylinder Gardner, it produces 102bhp
 Some great large shapes on this beast of a truck.